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the 49er : AnalysisStudio feature when displaying the tree for insertable obj.

Started by raro, 09 Jun 2006 08:19:51 AM

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today it is my pleasure to introduce the newest feature in C8 AnalysisStudio.

Opening a navigation tree node with exactly 49 elements :o lasts forever, the hourclass
will not stop turning.

THIS IS A BUG. it should have been 42 items instead of 49  8)

help yourself with the latest go sales fm-modell ... open it,
modify the dimension view >> go sales >> product >> product lookup
and add to the filter to "product number < 50".

This way you will get exactly 49 items in your tree to be displayed by AS.

Open AS .. open dimension view ... open product lookup ... enjoy the hourglass.

have fun,


From the information I received this week this feature will be disabled in C8-MR2  ;D