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Author Topic: Single Sign On between Cognos and WAS (Business Space) using BluePages LDAP  (Read 9813 times)


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We have Business Space deployed in WAS 7.
BluePages LDAP is used to authenticate in Business Space.

I call some Cognos reports (using CMS, REST, url calls) in Business Space. BluePages LDAP is also used to authenticate in Cognos.

I would like to create Single Sign On (SSO) between Business Space and Cognos, so when the user is logged in Business Space, the same authentication be passed to Cognos to retrieve the report contents.

I call the Cognos report from a Java servlet.

BluePages LDAP is successfully configured in Cognos using this article: http://w3.ibm.com/connections/blogs/cognosasmex/entry/bluepages_and_cognos?lang=en

I read here http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/data/library/cognos/page37.html
that there are two main types of SSO: Shared Secret and LTPA Token.

Since my Cognos does not use WAS I tried to implement the Shared Secret SSO.

What I've done is the Cognos Configuration (creating CPSTrusted namespace, set Shared Secret in Cognos Configuration, set Ext Identiy Mapping to (&(objectclass=person)(mail=${environment("REMOTE_USER")})).

But I don't how to call the Cognos reports using the newly created namespace. I tried setting the "REMOTE_USER" header variable in the report request, but I achieved nothing. I also read tutorials about SSO between Cognos and WebSphere Portal Server which stated that the "cps_auth_secret" and "cps_auth_namespace" parameters should be set in Portal Server. However, as long as we do not have Portal server, but custom Java code, how can I send the logged-in user credentials to the Cognos CPSTrusted namespace from it? Shall I set them in a cookie, in the request header, in the URL or somewhere else?

Currently the Cognos login credentials are hard-coded in the servlet and send to Cognos as XML in the URL, but both the customer and we want to avoid that.

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Can you tell me how to configure Cognos for use with Bluepages.  The graphics in that post seem to have disappeared.

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Can you tell me how to configure Cognos for use with Bluepages.  The graphics in that post seem to have disappeared.

I just noticed the second URL is w3 not www, which tells me it's an internal IBM page not external? If (as I suspect) it's a community page, you might try pinging the owner on Sametime to see where the content went?