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Need to set the vaildation level to Error and not Warning in Cognos 8.4 RS!

Started by sandeep8000861, 11 Aug 2009 03:50:42 AM

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Hi all,

I have migrated few reports from Cognos RN 1.1 to Cognos 8.4. I fixed all the errors that came up.

There are two warnings that do not go away. There are no erros in these reports.

1. RQP-DEF-0104 Warning: There is a cross join for the user who has the identity '{All Authenticated Users, Everyone, Readers, Express Authors, PowerPlay Users, Adaptive Analytics Users, Metrics Authors, Metrics Users, ...}'.

2. OP-ERR-0144 Grouping on a property or property expression: dataItem="Event",expression="[__ns_0].[Requirement Type].[Requirement Type].[Event].[Event]" in valueSet="3" is not supported.

I have tried all that i could think of and desperately need advice on this issues.

I need to just change the validation level to Error and not warning. Doing this the warnings go off.

If that is not possible, i need the cause of these warnings and possible solutions.

I working ideas are most welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure if this issue is still open.

Hiding that warning is not a good option. What that warning means is that there is a join missing in the Model that is supplying data to the report. In that case, RS will try to create a cross join as it has no way of knowing how to relate the data for that column(s) to other columns.

I would check the model and fix the problem there instead of changing the validation level.


Thanks for the view.

I got rid of the issue by doing the following.
When I opened the query that had this issue, there was dimension info tab at the bottom (very next to the list of query items).
Clicked on it to see that there are dimensions and measures in that tab corresponding to the error i am getting.
Left the facts as is and removed the dimentions one-by-one, validating after each delete.
Once the report validated completely, tested the outputs to see if this changed any of the data on the report output. It was Positive. No data change.

Try this and see if this help anyone. May not work for every one though...! ;-)