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Selecting a Value in a Filter returns no data

Started by willphill, 30 Nov 2011 04:55:04 AM

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I am pulling several columns of data and when I click on a column to filter it, I select the item I want to see (I wait for the drop down list to populate and then select the item) this is how I know there is data for this item....it is populated in the list of possible choices. After I select it, I go back to tthe report and it is now blank. What is that all about? I know there is data, I selected the item from the list of choices. I made sure that the filter is not "MISSING" or "NOT"
This is a simple select the item and filter and NOTHING shows up. If I do not filter I see the data item.


There could be a couple reasons why this would happen:

1) Some of the other data items in your query cause a join between tables and data may drop out as a result.
2) Your database contains a lookup table of choices for the item you are filtering on and the person who did the FM model set a filter item reference to that lookup table (rather than a big fact table) so that filter choices render quickly. So the value you filter on may exist in the lookup table, but not in the fact table.

Someone can open your Query Studio report in Report Studio and evaluate the SQL to determine for sure why your result set is empty.