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Cognos Go Office performance - 10.1 vs. 8.4

Started by nwenthur, 20 Mar 2012 02:53:18 PM

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We started utilizing the Go Office tool in our 8.4 environment to help with a larger end user report that is pulled together each month. Since upgrading our environment to 10.1, the performance of the Go Office tool has decreased drastrically. Our end users are indicating it is taking 3 - 4 times longer to retrieve the data since we upgraded to 10.1. Are there any settings within 10.1 that can be adjusted to help improve the performance of Go Office?

I felt this tool was slow within the 8.4 environment, but it helped us accomplish what we needed to accomplish for this particular instance. But, if the reports are taking 3 - 4 times longer to populate the data, I'm not sure Go Office is a decent/viable solution anymore.