Author Topic: Stop a report that is currently running  (Read 2971 times)

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Stop a report that is currently running
« on: 07 Jun 2012 10:30:09 am »
Hi all,

Context: I'm an entry-level programmer recently tasked with maintaining a homegrown Cognos application that interfaces with Cognos (as a webservice) and provides auditing for reports.

I've searched high and low without success, so hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. I need to be able to kill a report with the API if it has been running too long. For example, sometimes a report will hang and be running for two hours before it is manually canceled. Is there a simple way to cancel a report using a few lines of Java code?

Referring to the SDK guide, there is mention of a method 'cancelEvent(eventID)'. Unfortunately, there isn't much elaboration (for noobs like me) about how an eventID is obtained. I guess I'm not even sure that particular method is appropriate for stopping a single report.

Any guidance would be appreciated.