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Metric Jobs remain in 'Pending State'

Started by andy_mason_84, 08 Oct 2012 07:23:40 AM

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Hi All,

Our Cognos 10 setup is a mix of 32 & 64 bit.  Which means we have 2 instances of Cognos Config.

We now have Metric Studio up and running and it works fine, except: -

1) I have created a job (via Metric designer) that executes the metrics and transfer them to the staging area. when I run this job from the portal it goes into the 'pending' status and never executes.

2) When I run the Transfer data from staging area into metric store job from metric maintenance using the play button on the right, or as scheduled it goes into pending state.

I CAN however: -

- Manually run the data into staging via Metric Designer (logged on as same user as Cognos Connection)

- Use Metric Maintenance macros to run data from Staging into Metric Store

The Cognos Config that is used for Metrics have the following services enables: -
- Agent
- Batch report
- Content Manager
- Data Integration
- Job Service
- Metrics Manager

Any idea what i need to do to get this working?

Is it Config issues or user privileges ?

Any ideas welcome,