Author Topic: Problem on Import Access Manager 7.3 file .lae in Cognos 10.1.1  (Read 4044 times)

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Good morning,
we have a problem importing a .lae file exported by a version 17.0 Namespace. In an old Access Manager configuration we have, "PHITOR"  is a version 17 namespace  without "external user" functionality enabled. In new Access Manager configuration we have the default situation where the creation of a new namespace is in version 16.
In image file here:

we show the properties of the old "PHITOR" namespace and the possibility to create new user.

We read this solution on IBM site:

but all users in the import file becomes "External Users" and it is therefore impossible to create a new user.

How can we import .lae file contains a version 17.0 namespace in a new version 16 namespace ?
Is possible to create a new namespace in 17 version without "External Users" functionality enabled?

In both machines is installed Access Manager 7.3.

Thank you in advance.