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AS drill through to RS

Started by Arsenal, 28 Apr 2007 11:47:48 PM

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Oh boy....we're just finding out that AS is severely limited as compared to PowerPlay

I've been trying ti work out a solution to a particular problem. On the two cubes we are trying out on an experimental basis, I want to create a drill through between an AS "report" against the cube and an RS report against the relational FM model.

Suppose I'm reporting on cube A in AS. The cube has say, dimensions. Let's call the dimensions A, B, C and D...keeping it simple :P. Let's also say that there are measures in cube A  - M1, M2,M3 and M4. What's I'm IDEALLY looking to do is to have just dimension A and the measures M1, M2, M3 and M4 in the AS crosstab. B, C and D I would like in the Context area, alongwith also A.

The RS report will also have the columns on which the dimensions are based..as well as measures M1 and M2. The key is to be able to use the context of AS to filter the AS crosstab and then drill through for detailed information, including columns on which all the 4 dimensions are based.

However, I'm beginning to think that unless the dimensions are present physically in the AS crosstab, you can't pass the filter parameters to the drill through report. IN other words, if I had a Product Line dimension in the AS crosstab, and quantity and price measures, and had Product Type and Order Date dimensions in the context area(but not in the crosstab), I can't narrow down Product Type and Order Date via the Context and drill through to an RS report. I would have to have Product Line, Product Type and Order date dimensions present in the AS crosstab to pass these parameters as filters to the RS report.

Am I right? Is there any workaround to it?
Thanks for helps/suggestions


Just thouht of something over the weekend

is it possible that I could hide the columns? If I dropped all the 4 dimensions into rows, but hid 3 of them and did a drill thru in he usual way, would it work?

any ideas?

will try it out tomorrow