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COC-ERR-2021 using Go Office in Excel

Started by Dev1975, 25 Feb 2014 05:40:10 AM

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Hi All,

I'm having a strange issue and not sure where to look for this, especially as Googling has yielded no results thus far. Hopefully someone else may have encountered this before....

Background: Customer has Cognos installed in a Citrix environment and is using Access Manager for security, They have a particular user who is not able to import report content into Excel through Cognos Go Office. I've created a test account and imported his security access settings into it, assigned my OS signon to that account and was able to not only log in to Cognos through Excel but also import the report successfully.

Problem: I removed my OS signon from the test account and added it to his, then fired up a new session in Excel and connected to Cognos. I then attempted the report import process and got the the following message:

COC-ERR-2021 No prompt URL location has been specified. Check ReportNet configuration.

I removed my OS signon from the user's Access Manager account, added it back to my test account and tried with my test account. Now I am getting the above error as well and am no longer able to import the report. I've checked the configurations on the Content Manager and  Dispatcher servers but nothing is amiss. Interestingly enough, outside of Go Office, I am able to run the report in the browser as both myself and the affected user.

Has anyone come across this message before? Any pointers/tips greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


"Rename" the users windows profile and have him login from scratch (Thus creating a new profile) and have him try again.

Also, can you confirm that the MS KB patch (KB908002) that comes with Cognos for MS Office was installed. It comes with the installer in the <installer>/winXX/go_office directory.
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Thanks Grim, will give that a shot and let you know how we get on.