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cognos 10 and http://rave.mybluemix.net/index.html

Started by gesys, 18 Nov 2014 11:40:54 PM

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during my search on ibm rave news i found the site http://rave.mybluemix.net/index.html
does someone know if there's a way to integrate the sample visualizations (there are hundreds of them) in ibm cognos report studio?


yes, you can do this but you will need to download the IBM Cognos Visualization Customizer utility.  That can be found here: https://www.analyticszone.com/homepage/web/displayMarketplacePage.action#search/-/:Utility

Once you do this, open the link that you posted and find the chart you want. 
Open it and grab the entire json script associated with that chart.
Next, open the IBM Cognos Visualization Customizer and paste that script into the left side panel.
If you are a json guru, you can modify the chart here
On the right side, click 'Draw Chart'.  You should see the chart appear in the left panel
Select the Thumbnails tab and Generate Thumbnails
Select the Chart Type Definition tab and validate and Generate the Viz Bundle
SaveAs - Give it the appropriate name and save it as a zip file
Launch Cognos Administration
Click on the Library Tab
Click on the Import Vizualization icon
Browse to your recently created zip file
Select Import
Go to report studio and select your newly imported chart!

As a disclaimer, i'm new to this as well but I was able to attend a RAVE lab at the IBM Insight conference this year which I found really helpful.
Hope this helps!


thx a lot!
i'm going to try your approach next week