Author Topic: Documents need to prepare for IBM Certified Designer - Cognos 10 BI Reports  (Read 2043 times)

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I am planning to do IBM Certified Designer - Cognos 10 BI Reports, certification on next week.

Can some one please send the me the details of the document which can help me in preparing for the exam.

Below are the topics will cover in the exam as per IBM site

Create reports (14%)

Describe how to create list, crosstab, and repeater reports

Present data graphically

Focus reports (12%)

Describe how to focus reports using filters

Describe how to focus reports using prompts

Enhance reports (44%)

Describe the use of calculations in reports

Identify techniques to enhance layout and content

Describe how to customize reports with conditional formatting

Identify steps to set-up Drill-through Access

Create reports using the query model (18%)

Identify the purpose and components of the query model

Describe how to create the query model

Describe techniques used in the query model that determine how data is aggregated

Identify the effects on the query model(s) of creating a master/detail relationship in the report layout

Setup reports for bursting (6%)

Describe the function of the settings required to distribute reports through bursting

Manage events using agents (6%)

Describe the use of Event Studio in Cognos 8 BI



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The best documentation you can study to prepare for the certification exam is the course manuals you get from attending the relevant official IBM courses. They contain all the exxplanations and materials you will need to be able to answer the questions successfully.