Author Topic: Display members based on Company selection  (Read 4141 times)

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Display members based on Company selection
« on: 28 May 2015 01:58:41 pm »
We have a Company and Item dimensions in our cube.
Our company dimension has Parent and child Company level.
Our item has item number level only.   

When we open the cube using Analysis studio, we see all the items in all company.
But a user may only be authorized to 1 company only. He should see only the data for that company.
That user still sees all the items not just the items in his company.
Any suggestions how to resolve?

In report studio, we created cascading prompts based on Parent company selection. We only see the items found in the Parent company selected. this works fine for us.
Thank you in advance.


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Re: Display members based on Company selection
« Reply #1 on: 28 May 2015 03:54:27 pm »
You modeller can embed security filtering in the cube model. Then you do not need to do anything at a report level.