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EXCLUDE in Transformers

Started by bwalikar, 28 Dec 2015 09:34:17 PM

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Hi All,

I have a requirement where in a dimension Dim1 has 4 possible values ( a,b,c,d ). Two cubes are being created from my mdl file.

a) Non-Admin cube Should show only a,b for Dim1
b) Admin cube should show all values (a,b,c,d) for Dim1

Dimension source is a column from fact table.

Current approach followed is : I have created 2 separate dimensions under Dimension map(AdminDim1 and Non-AdminDim1) and 2 cubes (Admin and Non Admin)
in non-admin version of the Dimension : I have used "Exclude" in the categories window to exclude "c" and "d" categories.

In Admin cube I have Omitted the Non-Admin version of the dimension and vice versa for Non-admin.

Problem here is "Exclude" seems to exclude the categories from both the Cubes. Please suggest an alternative or work around for the same approach.


I think you will want to use custom views. The following section of the user guide explains it pretty well, I think, and is rather similar to your situation.



Thanks a lot !! That really helped  :)