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Cognos Visualization customiser x64

Started by suly, 10 Mar 2016 11:58:55 PM

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Hello everybody,

I have in my PC, install and work fine version 10.2.2 x86, but now I need version 10.2.2 x64. When I try to run bat file nothings happened? I deleted the old version, but still x64 can't be open. My PC is x64 my Cognos is too. Is there any other file which I supposed to delete before run the new version?

Thank you!



it doesn't really matter which version you use - the only important aspect is to have the correct java version installed on your PC. In your case you probably haven't installed the 64bit java version.

If the x86 version is working there is really no need to switch to x64 - the output generated would be the same.