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DMR report query and error msg

Started by sukanya, 23 Aug 2016 02:28:18 PM

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In DMR report query, I see my query like below:

  NON EMPTY CROSSJOIN([Dimensional_GO].[Gotg].[Oute].MEMBERS,

While publishing the package I see this message:
BMT-MD-6006 The package contains orphan dimensions that are not in scope with other measure or regular dimensions. Queries that reference regular and measure dimensions that are not associated with a scope relationship may not run. The orphan dimensions are Bal Fact

Is there some thing I am doing wrong in the model. Is the query supposed look like normal joins. Kindly let me know.



Dimensional queries use MDX, not SQL, and don't really have joins as you may be used to in SQL.

The error message means Bal is not in scope with Fact. You need to make sure the underlying relationships are properly defined, then set scope (if I recall correctly right-click the key to set scope).


You set the scope in the dimension map.  Scope is the definition of granularity of a fact to a level in a hierarchy.

The list is only of dimensions which are orphans.  I'm assuming Bal Fact is one of your measure dimensions.


seeing a cross join in the generated sql doesn't indicate there is anything wrong with my model?


Relationships and scope are part of your model. So yes, you could say there was something wrong with the model.  ;-)

Seriously, if you fix relationships/scope, you will likely find the generated code is going to change.