Author Topic: Can Event Studio compare report results from two different sources?  (Read 672 times)

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I want to use Event Studio to reconcile report results from two different Cognos packages.  One package is our main reporting package and the other is a special reconciliation package which contains summarized data (counts, totals) at a very high level that is sourced from a separate feed.  We want to continually monitor for data integrity.  If the results from the two different reports are equal (for each reconciliation attribute), we will assume we have an accurate reflection of the data from the source system.  Is there a way to compare report results?  I'm tempted to just use a sql script to dump the totals and counts to a table and just have Event Studio compare those results.

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Event studio cannot do this. One option is the one like you said dumping the results into a table and comparing and the other option is to use outlook and excel macros to compare the results of 2 files and send an email based on the result.
If both the packages are from the same model you can publish the 2 packages as one package just for this purpose and you can try using event studio.
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