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Author Topic: Showing History of Data using Workspace Advanced  (Read 4734 times)

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Showing History of Data using Workspace Advanced
« on: 03 Mar 2017 05:00:57 pm »
Hi everyone, 8)

I'm looking for suggestions in establishing a package to support an Workspace Advanced project.

We are getting hit with some history/aging requirements. i.e. In order for a Car to be sold, it goes through
certain process.

Car Tag#   Car Status      Car Entered Leadership
111111      Brand New      02/01/2017
111111      In Repair         02/03/2017
111111      Sold                03/03/2017
So for every car, there are history behind what happened to the car. The
above example shows the same exact car and what it went through to  be sold.

So, know, I need to present this to the client using the Ad-hoc Tool and a Package but
allow them to select the latest Status of a Car but to be able to see what happened with the Car
in the Dealership.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations to this the best way possible and
reducing performance hit in our server.

Thanks a bunch! :) :)