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Opening C10.2.1 for MS Office I get Navigation instead of the Path/Report Tree

Started by Sans, 07 Mar 2017 09:25:13 AM

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I've installed a C10.2.1 that's working since 2 years; now I received a request to integrate some reports into Excel or Power Point.
I've installed therefore the IBM Cognos for MS Office so i got the "Cognos" add on on Excel and PPT
I configure it in order to access the C10.2.1 installation.
When I run the add on on the right of PPT or Excel a windows is shows showing the Cognos Connection; when I open it I'm requested fo user-id and pwd but the instead of getting the normal tree of paths and reports the sysyem is opening a new window showing the normal Navigation screen.
Then I cant do anything. Any idea or help ??