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Ease the Migration to Cognos Analytics

Started by Eric.Pleiss, 07 Jun 2017 03:24:36 PM

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MetaManager plays an active role in helping with the upgrade to Cognos Analytics and gives you the ability to validate the environment and clean it up before moving to the new platform. For example, finding broken content, failing schedules, orphaned content, reports that haven't been run in a long time, security membership issues and overriding security mistakes.

MetaManager not only helps you root out the mess but it can be used to clean up all of this as well, for example fixing reports with find/replace, disabling failing schedules, recovering orphaned content and applying a proper security framework. Aside from cleaning the issues pre-migration, MetaManager can also be used to deploy content and rearrange the folder structures.

For Cognos Analytics you may want to use MetaManager to find all of the Portal Pages that are in use and by whom, since they will not be available in Cognos Analytics. Finally if there's repetitive work that needs to occur in the new environment or to accomplish the migration our Script Runner module can be used to automate this work, saving you a lot of time.

Here is a short guide of things that we recommend every MetaManager user do in their Cognos Environment and especially before an upgrade.  http://www.bspsoftware.com/knowledgebase/bsp-software-products-help-ease-migration-cognos-analytics/