Author Topic: _shift_timezone "blocking" date filter  (Read 279 times)

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_shift_timezone "blocking" date filter
« on: 05 Sep 2017 04:15:53 am »
Hey everyone,

I'm currently working for a german client, we're using a database using GMT (+0) as our source for an Active Report. However because my client's germon he would (understandably) like to have the "right" timestamps in his report meaning GMT (+2) due to current daylight savings time. Because other parts of the company already use that database my Client doesn't want to Change the database time so ouroptions are to change the FM or the ETL but we want to try it in Cognos first.

I was using the _shift_timezone function to Change the timezone accordingly , this is the expression I was using:

_shift_timezone (xx.xx.xx ; 'GMT' ; 'Europe/Berlin')

The expression worked perfectly, changing the timezone in the FM so I only had to change one expression rather than several later on in my report. However when we tried our usual filter (we only want to see the last 3 days of data):

xx.xx.xx >= current_date - 5

The report / FM would give me several different Errors e.g.

"XQE-GEN-0018 Query Service internal error has occurred, please see the log for Details"

Right now we're using "_add_hours (xx.xx.xx; 2)" but my client doesn't want to change the expression everytime daylight savings time changes.

Anyone got an idea what I'm doing wrong here? Any thoughts as always much appreciated :)

Kind regards,

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