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Huge Number of Parameters
« on: 12 Dec 2017 08:28:37 am »
I have a set of reports that drill through to each other and themselves and pass parameters.
Some parameters are only used on one report, some on many.
The requirement is to keep track of all the parameters so they are kept even as you pass through a report that doesn't use it.
This means I have about 70-80 parameters.

When I start including these parameters then reports that used to take 1-2 second are taking 10-20 seconds.

Is there anything that can be done in Report Studio or the Package to help with this; (I'm guessing not).
Or is there any setting on the server, either Cognos or Windows, that might help with this?
I'm wondering if there's a cache space or something that can be increased that might silver bullet this problem.

*Obviously I'd rather not have the parameters, but that's not an option at this stage.