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Author Topic: Get Location of an Object (path of directory)  (Read 4162 times)


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Get Location of an Object (path of directory)
« on: 18 Dec 2017 08:08:37 am »
I am searching for a fast method to get the location of any arbitrary object / entry in the content store.

Our LDAP Namespace is encrypted, i.e. the CAMID within Cognos looks something like:
The actual location of the user account that I want to extract could be, for example:
Directory > LDAP > People > Employees > Region A > Department C >

So it is impossible to reconstruct the location path from the CAMID / searchPath.

I was succesful with using the  .getParent() method recursively, but this is not very effective. The method needs to be called many times, since it only returns the direct parent.

In Cognos Connection, when you click on "Set Properties -> General" you can see the location path as well for any object. I'd like to know how to best extract that little bit of information.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Get Location of an Object (path of directory)
« Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 2018 12:23:07 pm »
If i'm understanding this correctly you just want a searchpath of an object? can't you just call the .getSearchPath() method within the sdk instead of doing getParent() over and over again?