Author Topic: Scheduled jobs failing on schedule, but run successfully when executed manually  (Read 229 times)

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We currently only have 2 jobs scheduled in our production environment and they both ran fine over the weekend, but suddenly began failing Monday morning.  One is scheduled to run every 15 minutes (active report) and another is scheduled to distribute an email every 4 hours.  Not a heavy load on the system at all.  I've provided the errors we're receiving on the jobs below since none of them return any specific solutions to fix them.  We currently have a ticket open with IBM, but I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for potential fixes until we hear back from them.

Active Report error - RSV-BBP-0036 The request 'asynchWait_Request' failed because a previous request that returned a fault cancelled the conversation.
Email distribution error -  CCL-BIT-0006 The connection closed before the request is processed. If you are using WebSphere Application Server, to reduce the frequency of this error, increase the Persistent Timeout parameter for the Web container transport chains in the administrative console. Increase the time in 10-15 second intervals until the error no longer or rarely occurs.