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Author Topic: Filtered Aggregates possible?  (Read 4251 times)

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Filtered Aggregates possible?
« on: 09 Feb 2018 03:14:50 am »
I have a query with 3 dimensions and a measure. Assuming the result set looks like this:

Code: [Select]
Dim1 Dim2 Dim3 Measure
A    C    G    1
A    C    H    2
A    D    G    3
A    D    H    4
B    E    G    5
B    E    H    6
B    F    G    7
B    F    H    8
What I need is a way to have togglable controls (data toggle button bar or checkboxes) for each of the three dimensions, and an output that will aggregate my measure as per the filter. E.g., if the consumer filters on Dim1 = A, I want to see "10" in a single row, or if the consumer filters on Dim2 in C,E and Dim3 = G, I want to see "6" in a single row.

How do I go about doing that? Data deck with master detail does not work, as the deck only displays a single card. Filtering a list does not work, as that still displays multiple rows. Even when I use "summarize in output", the summary will only be displayed if its column is visible; i have not found a way to display *just* the summary. And even then, in the example, my measure aggregation is total, but I have some other measures I will need to aggregate by calculation.

Is there really no way to do this? Right now, the only alternative I can think of is to stagger 3 decks (not data decks) and fill them with a data container that's pointing to a different query each, and I would love to not do that. ;)