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Query Studio Prompt control changing after adding prompt in framework

Started by CM11dev, 13 Nov 2018 07:35:02 PM

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Hi All,

We had an existing query studio report with user prompt on the department column. The report used to show value prompt when we ran the report
Recently we added a framework filter prompt for the department column which requires the user to select the office values.

So now when the user tries to run the report he is now prompted to select the office name(FM filter) once he selects the office he should be prompted to select the departments for the office he selected instead the report just displays a text box. Is there any way we can have the prompt control to be a value prompt?
I guess query studio is failing to cascade the values after it takes the input for framework prompt..

Thanks in advance


Framework Manager allows you to define the generated prompt options. Expand Prompt Info, and change the Prompt Type from Server Determined to Select Value.


Hi Paul,

I have tried the option of changing the prompt control in framework manager but still it's being overridden and text fields are shown.

The problem is at run time the prompt defined in framework is displayed and once a value is provided the value is not being cascaded on to the underlying prompt fields in the report

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