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IBM Think 2019

Started by Lynn, 27 Nov 2018 02:36:29 AM

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Is anyone planning to go to the conference in San Francisco this year? Any thoughts from those who attended the event last year?


I'd like to go. If I get the IBM Champions nod, I think it's a sure thing.

Lessons from last year. Get to the Cognos sessions early, and don't give up your seat for any reason. Bring a bottle of water and some sandwiches, and don't forget the brass knuckles.

For each of the sessions last year there were a few hundred people trying to get into a room with a capacity of 75. Hopefully IBM learned something and will give the Cognos people a bigger room.


It's a possibility. Very useful insight from last year there, Paul - thanks for that. I'd be really unhappy if I paid all that money to go but couldn't get in to the sessions I was most interested in...



Hope to see you guys there !
Would be great to meet you Paul, you are my Cognos idol !!