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Cognos 8 - report to show when there is no value

Started by kac_zrg, 07 Aug 2019 08:47:12 AM

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I have a data item in my report that counts the # of times target status was edited to the type "shortlist".  What I want to see is the line items the count is 0, not the ones that have hit this edit.

When I run the report, it will not show 0 count lines, is there a way I can flip this? I tried the expression that of:

case when ([Target Status] < '1'))
([PRESENTATION VIEW - JOB ANALYSIS].[JOB].[status] = 'signed agreement')
then ([PRESENTATION VIEW - JOB ANALYSIS].[JOB].[jobPostingID]) else '0' end

However, this does not work as the count only shows values 1 and higher, not 0.

Francis aka khayman

not really sure what you are trying to do but try...

case when ([Target Status] < 1))