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Passing a list of parameters

Started by Eugene, 30 Sep 2019 09:56:50 AM

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I have a query and inside of it I use the following macro :

select * from myTable where

a.current_category in (#promptmany('Parameter2', 'varchar')# )


a.current_sub_category  in (#promptmany('Parameter4', 'varchar')# )

When I run the report and the values of the Parameter2 is in English everything is good,
but when I choose values in Greek (native language) the report gives me wrong results?

Do you have any idea why this is happening? May  I have to configure something , in order to take the greek ?
ps My source is an oracle table.

Thanks in advance,


Francis aka khayman

i once encountered an issue (this was way back in Cognos 8) where the drill down do not work on chinese characters. i think the same issue is at play here. what we did is converted the chinese characters into a hex code and use that column.


Can you give me a few more details about how can I do it?

Francis aka khayman

we were also using oracle. if i am not mistaken we used rawtohex function to convert the character, and used the value returned by the function normally