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SOAP Fault: CM-REQ-4342 err msg found when running sdk QueryCM Sample

Started by Eag. E, 08 Nov 2019 09:11:37 AM

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Eag. E

I tried to run QueryCM.java in my eclipse, with all sdk/libs set, and I have configured the proper namespace/username/psw/searchpath. But I got the:
SOAP Fault:

It is wired that I have run2.bat (with QueryCMUI.java) which works fine on the same machine. I don't know if you have met the thing before. Thanks

Andrei I

Please make sure to use Namespace ID (not a Namespace Name)
You can get it either from Admin Console (see attached) or from Cognos Configuration.

If you used Cognos Analytics Easy Install then Namespace Name is "Cognos Users"
and Namespace ID is "CognosEx"