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Author Topic: Error message establishing outer join relationship between Dimension &Fact table  (Read 1315 times)

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The funder is not a mandatory column in the KPI Fact table. The requirements for this project are to include all KPI values therefore an outer join relationship has to be established between the Dim_Funders(0) and KPI_Fact(n) table.

When I try to establish an outer join, Dynamic cube designer highlights it as an issue with the error message.

"One or more attributes that are used as level keys or the caption in the level Province reference column(s)
in table DIM_FUNDERS. The outer join allows empty rows to be returned from it when the dimension is populated during cube startup which will result in null members being created."

The levels defined for funders are


The "Outer Join" relationship is available in the Framework manager & Cognos Transformer.
Can the "Outer Join" relationship be established in Dynamic Cube Designer? 

Please advise.
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From what I gathered from your previous question and from one of the pictures which you posted elsewhere, you are putting your fact table into the dimension.  I have been so far unsuccessful in determining why you think you need to do that.

The UI allows for outer joins in the dimension but does not for the join between a dimension and the fact table.   

It would be rather easier and reflect the reality which you are trying to model by putting vendor into the category level as an attribute.