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Currency COnversion in Reportnet and/or Framework Manager

Started by damzI, 29 Sep 2005 10:26:57 AM

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Okay techies - here is what I have. Currency Conversion. I have done it in the transformer before rollups. I am looking to rollup some financial data monthly - and do a currency conversion on the same before the roll-up. I am looking for a solution in reportnet and/or Framework manager. Since the conversion needs to be done before the rollup - I guess it would best be done in the Framework Manager. Could you come up with any que-s or solutions - or even point me to where I may get some answers...
Thanks so much!


I use the Date key in our time dimension to tie to our conversion table for that date. I then have a calculated field ConversionRate * ActualDollars(from our fact table) above the namespace containing the conversion table and fact table.

It is pulled together by using a conformed Time dimension.


CognosAustin, Thanks for your quick response. I am looking for a solution in the FrameworkManager/Reportnet. I am familiar with the solution in transformer/powerplay...


I think Querry will be used for the user to select the currency to be displayed in the report. I have not yet encountered that but I have a lot of friends telling me it was good. Maybe I will be trying this soon.