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Author Topic: RPD Calculation  (Read 1223 times)

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RPD Calculation
« on: 31 May 2021 09:20:33 pm »
Hi All,

I have mostly used transformer and now using DM as well . Transformers were built using flat files and now I am planning to use an FM package as source to transformer and then build the hierarchy .

2 questions here :
 1)  here is i have a bridge table for product , product catageory in realtional tables  can i use them to build dimensions as well , if a bridge relation is maintained in fm will it carry over to transformer .

2) I need to do an rpd calculation at month level , my data ahs day level sales ,RPD for month is total sales for that month divided bhy number of business days for that month , if its a current month then daily divide by number of business day completed for that month .

Not sure how should i achieve this in FM if i have a business day stored as an attribute on day level .