Author Topic: Need to access a member children and map it to other member in diff dimension  (Read 713 times)

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Hello All

I have a critical problem where in I don't have a hierarcy of members in one dimension but I have the same children what I needed in different dimension. Now, my need is to some how call the parent in one dimension and join that to a children under the parent in differnet dimension. Is this possible?

Eg. I have 2 dimensions> Periods and Weeks.. In periods, I have a hierarcy as Reporting Period which has only one child which would change every month.. On the other hand, I have 4 weeks children under each period hierarcy in Weeks dimension for 12 periods in an year..

Now, my actual problem is when I select reporting period child as prompt parameter, I would not have any weeks under that particular month. For that, I need to map to the particular period in weeks dimension. I don't how to achieve this from Cognos modeling with prompts. Can you guide me here please. I have attached the snaps of both the dimensions to this post.

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Why do you have Periods and Weeks as different dimensions ? They could be hierarchies/attributes in the same Time dimension unless they are joined differently to the fact (eg one calendar för Order date and one for Delivery date). If they belonged to the same Time dimension you could use a function like linkMember to connect them. I have never seen your request being done before so will be interesting to see if anyone has a solution for this. I doubt there is but I am happy to be proven wrong.