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Speed is an Fact or Attribute

Started by sanchoniathon, 16 Dec 2021 04:03:18 PM

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Hi to all,

Is query item "Speed" considered a fact or more an attribute ?

Thanks !


The answer is either.

I think one criteria for deciding would be, does it make sense to aggregate the values of different records?   If so, then it would probably be a fact. 

Even if it is an attribute it could still be used in a calculation which would be a fact.


If an object weighing 2200 lbs travelling East at 40 MPH is struck, head-on, by an object weighing 3500 lbs travelling West at 10 MPH, and the collision is inelastic, what is the resulting speed of the combined object?

Here, the speed (technically, the momentum) may be a measure.  You would sum the vector quantities.

An answer to your question really relies on the context of the question and the data.  Basically, would you aggregate the [Speed] column?