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Error when Filtering on a running count in the framework

Started by Alex M, 12 Jan 2022 08:40:51 AM

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Alex M


I wondered if anyone might be able to provide any advice or guidance.

Within the Framework manager we have created a simple table with a list of product ID's along with a number of other description fields. We have created a field that is using a running count of the product ID to identify duplicate values within the table.

Within the same table we apply a filter on the running count to remove any Rank values which are not 1.

So our fields are:
Product ID:  [DATA].[Product ID]
Rank: running-count ([DATA].[Product ID]  for [DATA].[ Product ID])

And the filter is:
Filter: [DATA].[Rank] = 1

This worked for a period of time and we were able to produce results and then it stopped working and started to give an error of "XQE-GEN-0005 found an internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException" when attempting to test it.

I was wondering if anyone had any idea's as to why it has stopped working or if we are trying to do something we shouldn't be in the filter? As far as we are aware there is no data quality issues in the data itself which would cause the running count to fail.
We are using a Netezza database as our data source if that has any bearing on it

Thanks in advance