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update Strategy

Started by Srik, 18 Oct 2005 09:57:54 AM

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How to find out what update strategy is followed in already created catalog?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Kanth,

What  do you mean when you refer to update strategy? Update of what?  Fact tables? Dimension Tables? The catalog? Updating a build/jobstream/UDF?...

If you can be a bit more specific with your question, we may be able to help.

Best regards,



I had catalog configured with Various fact builds and Dimensional builds.
How do know what type of update strategy (Type 1 or type2)is used to store data into target.


Oh OK - you're talking about delivering dimension data to dimension tables and processing as either a Type 1 SCD (update) or a Type 2 SCD (add a new row, mark the existing as old)?

To see if/how this is configured, look at the properties of each dimension table within your dimension builds.  On the Columns tab, look at the 'Track Changes' checkbox at the bottom of the window.  If it is not checked, then DecisionStream is not performing SCD checks, simply updating rows regardless, so it's effectively set to Type 1.

If it is checked, you will also see a set of Track check boxes alongside the table columns.  If a Track box is checked for a column, that means DecisionStream will be performing Type 2 SCD changes for values in that column.  If a track box is unchecked, DecisionStream will perform a Type 1 change for that column.

Hope that helps,



Thank you for information.