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Query Studio Count Function

Started by edgy, 07 Nov 2008 02:37:09 PM

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When I summarize a field and select "Count", I end up with a total in the footer. I want to replace the detail with 1 record, the count. In Report Studio I would simply change the query item to Count(field).
We want to be able to have quick & dirty reports for our QS users to be able to work with.
Any thoughts?,


Hi There,

There's definitely a way to do it:
1. In query studio, go to 'Edit Data'. 
2. Click the data item you wish to count (eg. customerID)
3. In the 'Edit Data' menu, click 'Summarize...'
4. In the 'Summarize' pane that appears on the bottom of the screen, on the top right there is an 'Advanced' hyperlink.  Click it.
5. Choose 'Summary for Cells' = Count (or Count Distinct)
6. Choose an appropriate (or none) summary for footers
7. Click OK


Hope this helps.