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Monitoring Report Performance in Series 7?

Started by jhunta, 28 Oct 2005 12:43:47 PM

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Some of our clients have been complaining that their reports are taking too long to run.
So I have been charged with the task of determining where the improvements can be made to boost performance.Ã,  Sounds simple enough, but as I see it, there are so many places that can impact performance...Ã,  things like our network speed, the client's network speeds, basic internet traffic and connection speed, network traffic, Impromptu Report design, amount of data queried, and the list goes on.

Does anyone have experience with monitoring Report Performance in Series 7?
We are running Impromptu, IWR, and Upfront version 7.3.
Any pointers, advice, or shared experiences would be a huge help.

Thank you