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Author Topic: Popup window showing Cognos Connection when logging into Framework  (Read 8002 times)


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We are using v8.4 of Framework Manager. When I log into FM and click on a 'New Project' or 'Open a Project', I get a pop up window showing Cognos Connection first and on closing that I get the usual FM window. This pop up also comes inside the FM when I try to run metadata wizard or create a query subject or create a package. I'm not able to run metadata wizard because of the popup.
In the cognos configuration, my gateway is pointing to cognosisapi.dll. I changed it from the cognos.cgi to check if that will resolve the popup issue, but it didnt make any difference.
Any suggestions?



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The popup you are seeing will be the authentication window.  Until you are authenticated in the c8 environment (ie have provided your credentials) you wont be able to do anything in framework manager (like import metadata, create new query subjects, test data etc).

Is this a single machine installation (eg. a test environment on your own laptop), or a single or multi-server corporate installation?



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Was this issue ever solved? I'm facing the same problem.