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condition, Insert and SQL Nodes

Started by Srik, 01 Nov 2005 09:25:02 AM

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Can any tell me when to use conditional , Insert Node and SQL node.

Conditional node is used to check the condition while runing the job in job stream

When to use insert node and SQL nodes.

Thanks in advance,



As you correctly stated, a condition node is used to perform a test in the processing of a jobstream.Ã,  The idea is you code a condition which evaluates to true or false, and the condition node routes processing one of two ways dependent upon the result.

There's no such thing as an insert node - what makes you think there is one?Ã,  The available jobstream nodes are fact build node, dimension build node, procedure node, condition node, sql node, alert node, email node and jobstream node.

A sql node allows you to embed sql into your jobstream processing, for example to create or empty a table, or to drop or create indexes.Ã,  If you need to add some sql to your jobstream for any reason, a sql node allows you to do this.