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Looks good

Started by legSPINNER, 12 Jul 2005 09:13:54 PM

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Nice site jonno! Love the colour scheme.

Very extensive product list too.



Thanks D and J, a lot of blood, sweat, tears and obscenities went into this site


I've never even heard of some of these products. Are they really COGNOS?


marvelous effort that ...  congrats ... great to see !!!


Gee...I was hoping that we would have something like this. and now we have it.

Great job and a big thanks Administrators and Moderators !!

By the way, is there a training forum too? I have been working in Cognos Powerplay and Impromptu for 8 yrs and want to learn Reportnet. Did a little of that myself (Framework Manager, Query and Report Studios) but would be nice to go to a training. I had been to COGNOS training years ago for Powerplay, Impromptu, IWR, PPES, Upfront etc but now have to do it on my own and since COGNOS training is too expensive so does anybody know of any training center for Reportnet, preferably in California.Ã,  Sorry if this question is not proper for this forum.

COGNOiSe administrator

Hi cognostechie,

Thanks for registering as well as the great feedback! (Keep those posts coming)

Not sure what you mean by training forum - can you elaborate? But feel free to pop any questions through the relevant board (or even an intro of yourself/company in the Intros board).

Glad to have you on board.

The COGNOiSe team


I think the poster means a discussion subject on Training.

Another one might be for bugs, patches and other "gotchas" general to Cognos products or other software/hardware that one might use Cognos products with.  I don't mean a place to download patches from but rather a place to mention a certain patch exists to be downloaded from Cognos' site. 

An example of a "bug" when using Cognos Impromptu and SQL Server RDBMS that I don't believe is documented and may be affecting other tools is if you use the data type MONEY in a SQL Server table the results in Impromptu IWR will be unpredictable.  E.g. $1,234,567 may be displayed on the report as $1,567.  Instead of MONEY use either FLOAT or DECIMAL as the datatype and if you can't change the table use a view and a CAST() or CONVERT() function of the column.

Robert Edis
Robert Edis Consulting
Rotorua, New Zealand


You are welcome Administrator.

What I meant by the training forum is a forum which people could use for this:

1> Freshers who have no idea or very little idea about Cognos could inquire on which products they should get trained on (we could tell them that depending on their background/education/interest etc). Where to go for training. Now this would be difficult as there are very few training centers apart from COGNOS itself (atleast in US).

2> Institutes that provide training could post their ads here. This could be good because their previous students could post their experiences so the newbies get to know in advance what to expect and don't get cheated if the institute is bad.

3> People could ask questions on certification etc. Ofcourse, no copyrighted material to be transferred thru this forum. That is illegal anyway.

Basically, for people who want to inquire something related to training and who provide such trainings. It could be helpful for freshers mainly and also for experienced Cognos experts who wish to expand their knowledge.


Many Cognos partners provide training, some even have their own facilities.

My clients have used Sky Solutions in Chicago for example even though Cognos has facilities there.
Robert Edis
Robert Edis Consulting
Rotorua, New Zealand


As Blue has pointed out in another thread, Cognos is *first* an ADT company. So let's put the ADT section at the top of the home page so I don't have to scroll halfway down the page to get to the important PowerHouse section. Scorecarding? -- put it at the bottom!

COGNOiSe administrator

 ;D Thanks for your feedback JWP. I must admit trying to figure out the composition and order of the boards was a bit of a nightmare so in the end we tried to follow the same outline as that used in COGNOS.com.  But the problem we found was that a lot of applications were not shown and the newer products seemed to be "shoehorned" into very broad (and sometimes unrelated) headings. So, being an democratic site we took a vote and went with the current format - not to say that if others express the same opinion that we are at all averse to moving ADT up the order. So please post your opinions and we'll let the community have the final say.

In the meantime, this link should save you the extra key/mousestrokes:

PS. two of our moderators (Blue being one) are PowerHouse fanatics so I get an earful everytime this topic is raised!

Thanks for the post JWP and welcome aboard.


Hi Administrator,

I'd just like to add to the chorus of voices saying "what a great site".Ã,  I think the current layout is intuitive and easy to use, and as a long-standing PowerHouse fanatic myself, it's great to see it included in the list of topics open for discussion, even if it isn't top of the list! :-)

On the subject of a training forum, maybe we could suggest that these kinds of questions initially get posted to the General Discussion area, and if there turns out to be a big demand, maybe then we could consider setting up a dedicated Training topic?Ã,  In the meantime, I'm sure that there's enough experience within the current list of members to be able to field most of the enquiries from people new to Cognos products and unsure of which training to take.

Thanks for all your hard work in setting up and running this site.

Best regards,


COGNOiSe administrator

Aw shuks  ::) You're making me blush

Just for that I'll have to move PH up the order (at least for the the ETL et al section)

Agree with your thoughts on the training forum but prepared to go with the will of the Cognoids..


and how about changing the emoticons...ones that don't have the tribal looks.


About the Reportnet training that I mentioned earlier, I found out a way. Cognos has CBT's which are good. Problem solved.

COGNOiSe administrator

Congrats to the COGNOiSe community - 1000 high-quality posts since 13th of July 2005!


Let's have a drink on that :D:D  Congrats to you all!!!