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Author Topic: Convincing PowerPlay Desktop Users that Analysis Studio is okay!  (Read 6550 times)


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Anyone out there upgrading to C8, and want to get rid of PowerPlay from user's desktops?

...I'm currently involved in this type of project, and encountering challenges in "selling" Analysis Studio to those users.

Such functionality users are concerned with are:

  • In Desktop, the ability in "Reporter Mode" to double click a category and it's children expand (while other categories remain unchanged)
  • In Desktop, the "Insert Lowest Level" button
  • The ability to save preferences

...any thoughts would be great!

I notice Cognos has produced documentation for "converting" users from PowerPlay Web to AS, but I can't find anything similar for Desktop.



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What sort of build will you be doing to support Analysis Studio? Will you be having a dimensionally modelled data warehouse?
Will the users have their own area for creating reports?

From what I have seen / experienced Analysis Studio can replicate everything that powereplay can do so long as the data behind is dimensionally modelled, if the data is not then the users would not be able to 'Drill Down' through categories and only return the data at the lowest level.

I've currently been creating a Data warhouse utilising data manager to support our client base and have identified that two types of table are required, dimensionally modelled table, with hierarchies for analysis perposes and non dimensionally modelled data for flat file reports.

Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio are all important tools and can manipulate data in different fashions.
I've found Query Studio to be an excellent tool for demonstrations as I ensure that the client knows that this is the simplest tool for reporting and is quick.
Selling points for Analysis studio is that there is no wait time for cubes to build, customisable reporting, easily modified, excellent functionality and a cleaner userface, 1 click drill down, 1 click drill up. It's all down to dimensionally modelled data.

I hope my ramblings were helpful in some way.



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I appreciate the feedback....

The data build remains unchanged going from Series 7 to Cognos 8   ....specifically, they're using Cognos Power Cubes, and a relational database (dimensionally modelled).

I agree that Analysis Studio can do what Series 7 PowerPlay Web can do (albeit some actions in a different way) 

...but unfortunately, none of the studios can do what users could do in Series 7 PowerPlay Desktop (specifically, the reporter mode). This is the problem....convincing users to give up there beloved full client tool in favour of a thin client with "less" functionality. (they see this as an IT victory only, and a business loss)


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Buy powerplay 8 , analysis studio is pants  (2 steps to do anthing)....pp8 is exactly the same look and feel as C7 powerplay so no training required.its great

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Buy powerplay 8 , analysis studio is pants

Just your opinion, of course!  ;)