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BiBus Processes Limitation

Started by mmo, 13 May 2009 06:04:54 AM

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Hi all,

      I am facing a potential performance limitation for SDK, with regard to BiBus process CPU usage.

      My installation is configured as follows: CRN 1.1 MR 3 & SDK Build 1.1.510.0. My server has 2 Quad core processors. The Report Service has the following settings: 1 high affinity connection, 1 low affinity connection, 8 maximum number of interactive processes.

      In the task manager, I can see 8 BiBusTKServerMain processes at the same time, but here comes the issue: ONLY two BiBus processes have CPU usage over 0 at the same time. Thus, CRN & SDK is performing poorly in my server.

      Thanks in advance!