Author Topic: Wierd : Scheduling is running 2 hr late; logging service 4 hour late!!!  (Read 3838 times)

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This is some weird happening and I am not sure if someone else has faced this problem earlier.

None of our scheduled reports are running on time. If I schedule a report to run @ 2:30 AM, it may run anytime late like, 3 AM, 7 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, or may be not run at all !!!!

If I run the report interactively or make it run in batch mode using "Run with Options" button, it will run on time. Problem is with scheduled reports only. Let' say, it is 2:30 AM now. I schedule a report to run at 3:00 AM. Once schedule has been set, I would go to the schedule management page > future activities page and check if the report has come into queue. I see an entry of the report in queue which would be triggered at 3:00 AM. At 3:00 AM, the entry goes off from the future activity page but no entry comes on the schedule management page under executing, pending or succeeded status. It is as if the report went into a black hole. Then sometime later (2 hours or 4 hours or 8 hours later....whatever) the report appears on schedule management page with executing status and finishes successfully. Not all reports appear late like this. Some never come back from the black hole.

More to this, the logging service is running almost 4 hours behind. I mean, if it is 7:00 AM now, the entries being written to crnserver.log file are of 3:00 AM. Their is no mention of the activity in crnserver.log file or Audit database.

Any idea folks what is going wrong here?


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Is your environment running on a multi-server install?

If "yes" it could be worth checking the regional settings on the servers to make sure they are all set to the same time zone.

Also, if your report service tends to be busy with other report bursts overnight, it may be that your request is queing behind other reports on some occassions, which might explain your time lags?

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Hi there,

Scheduling is dictated by the version of the JRE installed with Cognos.  I'd recommend that you confirm if your jre has the most upto date timezone librbaries.

See -

Peter B