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BiBusTkServerMain processes hang

Started by Danilo_Fortunato, 30 Jun 2009 05:04:01 PM

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we have Cognos 8.4 with Fix Pack 1 running on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. The Content Store and the source database run on a Oracle 10.2, on a separate server.

The production servers hang (freeze) quite often, even once or twice a day.
When they hang the system does not respond to any query.
This issue seems to be caused by some BiBusTkServerMain processes that use the 100 % of a CPU.
To fix the problem we have to manually kill the BiBusTkServerMain processes. Immediately new BiBusTkServerMain processes are created, and the system works again.

Please note that the production servers are quite large (2 application servers, each with 8 CPU and 16 GB of RAM), and the workload is very low (less than 10 users, testing the frameworks with Query Studio).

We have already reviewed the IBM Cognos Configuration, reviewed all the configuration settings, enabled additional logging and tracing, together with the IBM Cognos technical support.
We also enabled the DISP.InteractiveProcessUseLimit parameter, to force the reset of BiBusTkServerMain every n (500) requests.
We also dumped the freezed BiBusTkServerMain processes with the Microsoft ADPlus tool, as requested by the IBM Cognos support.

We get the same hang on the quality assurance server, which has the same software on a single server installation.

I searched the Internet for this problem, without finding a real solution.

Any suggestion ?



We seem to have the exact same problem. Have you been able to correct this or do you stick with the solution to reset the BiBusTkServerMain?

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If you set DISP.InteractiveProcessUseLimit to 1 and DISP.BatchProcessUseLimit to 1, each report will take your own BIBUs. This will prevent erros by reusing process because of affinitiy connections.

I have set high affinity to 1 and low affinity to 2. The number of process I have been set with this calc: Available RAM (total - (query service + flint + dispatcher wlp) ) / 400MB per BIBus process avg = number of maximum report process.
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It sounds like you have been encountering issues with your Cognos 8.4 system and are looking for solutions. You've tried multiple troubleshooting steps, including reviewing configurations and enabling logging, with assistance from IBM Cognos technical support. However, the system continues to freeze due to high usage of the BiBusTkServerMain processes. It would be helpful to look into any recent changes or updates to the system or environment that may have caused this issue. Additionally, continuing to work with IBM Cognos support and exploring any other available resources may help to resolve the issue.