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Author Topic: Subsets have no impact to the report  (Read 2194 times)


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Subsets have no impact to the report
« on: 06 Aug 2009 12:07:11 am »
Hi all,

I would need your help with subsets. I would like to use them in order to choose different items of a certain category but don't show them on the report. Means the items work as criteria.

The situation:

The report is for turnover allocation. The allocation is firstly done by order types which are somehow allocated to business units. But nobody is actually interested to see the turnover per order type.
Therefore I just want to use some of them in different reports as a criteria.

I created in reporter mode an advanced subset. I chose the Dimension "order type" I marked on level(s) "order type" (the only possibility). "Order type" appeared in "Restrict by parent categories" and I included it. I chose the tab "Find" and clicked "new".
I added in "find what" the name of the order types I wanted to be a criteria in the report and saved the subset.

I tried all possibilities in "name": Long name, short name and description.

After saving of the subset it appeared on the left bottom window of the screen.

This all I did according the documentation for subsets. But nothing changed. I tried as well to drop the subset on different places in the report but the only impact was, that the subset was marked but the figures didn't change.

I tried it with different categories and as well to create the subset first and then add the columns and rows to the report but no impact. In the documentation is as well nothing mentioned, that you have to add the subset after creation somehow.

Does anybody knows, what I did wrong here?

It would be very nice if somebody could help me, since I'm trying already since 2 days and can't find it.

Thank you very much in advance!