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The vote and owner % is too high

Started by cognewbie, 28 Sep 2009 02:32:01 AM

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Hi All,

I am entering investments using the Data Entry Shareholdings and Investments in Group Companies and I input the 80% to the vote and ownership column when saving it gives the error "the vote and owner percentage is too high". 

What might be the cause of this error? 

Kindly help.


Is the company owned by more than one parent? If a part of it is already owned by another company then the system will add the percentages which could give a percentage of more than 100%


Thank you for the reply.  It is owned by one parent only.

If i look at the generated view in company structure it shows

level 3     Company A  84.97%
level 2     Company B  84.97%
level 1     Company c  84.97%

My main parent is Company C.  I also have other companies using the same structure but i don't have problem inputting %.  I tried inputting numbers it allows me to input up to 15% ownership only.  Any suggestion what items i need to check to resolve this.