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Author Topic: Really Challenging - Weekly Cube Issue  (Read 2311 times)


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Really Challenging - Weekly Cube Issue
« on: 08 Dec 2009 08:28:14 am »
We have a weekly cube which spins on Sunday.

Our Week starts from Sunday to Saturday

Earlier we had a issue with the MTD when 1st day of the month used to come in the middle of the week say Tuesday, Wednesday...

Meaning, taking October 4th 2009 (Sunday) as the example, when our cube was spun, the correponding week would be September27th till October 3rd.

Since this is a weekly cube, we used to get September as MTD instead of October

To fix this, we modified the SetCurrentDimension IQD and now get the correct month for MTD

 This was fine till November 1st. On November 8th, when the cube was spun, the prior MTD was showing only 11/1 instead of 11/1 and 11/8.

We will be having this issue for the entire November month.

 We fixed this by changing the Context period to Year from Month and Context offset = -1 instead of -1.

But upon further analysis, we found that the change will only work if 1st day of the month falls on Sunday

We also tried modifying the relative time categories using macros. But Macro's are creating a new category instead of updating the category.

Please let us know the way to fix this issue.