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Setting up database connection with MS SQL SERVER

Started by ashok4u_it, 17 Dec 2009 02:26:43 PM

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While testing my database connection with SQL SERVER, I am getting the following error message. I tried most of the methods mentioned in google. But nothing helps me out to resolve this issue. Can anyone of you expert fix this issue and save me out from this issue.
The error message is pretty much clear, but i cannot able to fix this issue as I am new to cognos environment. I hope some experts might workout this issue. The below is the error message i got while connecting the cognos configuration to MS SQL server database.

[Validate Content Manager database connection]
1. [ ERROR ] The database connection failed.
2. [ ERROR ] Content Manager is unable to access the content store. Verify your database connection parameters and then contact your database administrator.

Ashok Kumar


Which versions of C8 and SQL Server are you using?  Sounds like you may have entered an incorrect hostname, port number, database name or login credentials for your SQL Server database.